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Excavation & Grading

Topnotch's Excavation and Grading Division can handle all of your earthwork needs.  From Estimating and Project Management, Excavation, Site Grading, Building and Structural Excavation, Finish Grading to Project Management.  Our skilled and knowledgeable staff will help you from start to finish. 

Dirt Removal, Hauling & Demolition

Our Haul-Off and Demolition Division is also not just Commercial we do Residential as well.  From demolishing apartment buildings to clearing empty lots.  We can take it down and haul it off for you.  If you have a project that requires our services, give us a call for a quote.  


SWPPP's Services

SWPPP—Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.  Our SWPPP division has been serving our community for over 20 years.  We provide all services as well as a SWPPP Inspection Book, a Detailed SWPPP Plan and coordinating map.  Topnotch can also provide all labor and materials for site compliance of your SWPPP Plan.  Contact us for a quote.  

Street & Parking Lot Sweeping

Topnotch Services provides power sweeping services, including road sweeping and parking lot sweeping, to contractors, municipalities, companies, and businesses in Las Vegas and throughout the Southern Nevada area.

From on-call hourly power street sweeping, to establishing commercial sweeper service on a contract basis, Topnotch Services offers reliable, cost-effective street sweeping, construction and industrial sweeping, parking lot sweeping, and power washing solutions that feature only professionally trained technicians.


Dust Control Services

Dust in the Nevada valley can sometimes be a major problem. Being in a major city that’s consistently growing it can be harmful to the environment and project productivity.

Topnotch provides a line full of dust control services to meet all your dust control Needs. 


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